• 2019 Theme: "The Future of Healthcare: Exploring the Possibilities"

    DeGroote Interprofessional Health Leadership Conference

  • The Future of Healthcare: Exploring the Possibilities

    An innovative collaboration between the MBA, MD, MBDC, and Global Health programs.

    Business. Medicine. Nursing. Global Health. Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization.

    An interprofessional experience.

    In Canada, interprofessional collaboration in healthcare has become increasingly recognized, affecting everything from heathcare leadership to patient outcomes.

    DIHLC aims to foster these relationships among professionals and students from different areas of the healthcare system, so the leaders of tomorrow may continue to uphold and improve the system we have as Canadians.


  • 2019 Keynotes TBA

  • 2018 Panelists

    Panel Theme: Entrepreneurship

    Zayna Khayat, Panel Moderator

    Future Strategist, SE Health


    Dr. Puneet Seth

    CMO, Input Health

    Sheena Melwani

    Product Manager, eHealth Innovation - University Health Network

    Merv D'souza

    Director of Sales and Marketing, meshMD

  • 2018 Breakout Sessions

    1. Design Thinking in Healthcare

    Hosted by: McMaster's Health Leadership Academy


    Design thinking is a unique way planning and implementing innovative solutions to a variety of problems. Design thinking has been applied in healthcare; particularly to creating patient-centered solutions to issues that exist in our healthcare system. In this session, participants will learn how to identify gaps that exist in our healthcare system that would benefit from a design thinking approach, and how to go about planning solutions using design thinking.

    2. Preventative Healthcare: Innovation to Prevent the Burden of Disease in Canada

    Hosted by: St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

    Many healthcare innovations focus on improving the health of Canadians and limiting the burden of disease on society. Countless groups have developed devices and software that allow individuals to track and improve their health. Social services are being modified to reduce social determinants of health and create health equality in society. In this session, participants will learn about innovations aimed at prevention of disease burden, and future considerations for continuing to improve the health of Canadians.

    3. Healthcare Innovation in Canada: Challenges and Solutions

    Hosted by: Martin Gurbin, Ontario Health Innovation Broker


    There are many legislative, economic, and social challenges that affect the advance of healthcare innovation in Canada. The Canadian and Ontario governments support solutions, both financial and through policy, to help companies drive healthcare innovation forward. There are several domains of healthcare innovation that the government hopes to focus on in the coming years. In this session, participants will learn about these domains and about current/in-progress solutions to healthcare innovation challenges in Canada.

    4. Ecosystems: Facilitating vs Hindering Health Innovation

    Hosted by: Michael G. DeGroote Initiative for Innovation in Healthcare


    It is obvious that healthcare lags behind so many other industries in embracing and implementing technology. Many Canadians would be surprised to hear that one of the most difficult tasks physicians face in their day-to-day lives is reading the handwriting of other doctors. From attending this session, participants will understand the process and barriers to technological

    innovation in healthcare, and the future of technology and healthcare in Canada.

  • 2018 Agenda

  • 2019 Executive Team

    Laura Beesley

    Co-Chair - MBA

    An avid backcountry camper, food enthusiast and Arkells fan, Laura is currently pursuing an MBA at the DeGroote School of Business. With a background in neurosurgical nursing, Laura is inspired by opportunities to merge a healthcare and business lens to drive high-level change. As Co-Chair, Laura is incredibly excited to provide a platform for interdisciplinary professionals to connect and share their brilliance surrounding innovation in healthcare. Rooted in the grounds of collaborative thinking, DIHLC provides an excellent opportunity to gain perspective and to cultivate positive, meaningful change for patients. Success for this conference is all attendees feeling empowered and fuelled to inspire real change in their own environments.

    Hassaan Khalik

    Co-Chair - Medicine

    Hassaan is a first year medical student at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine with a longstanding interest in healthcare systems. Hassaan is a strong believer in the power diverse perspectives when solving challenging problems. As a DIHLC Co-Chair, Hassaan looks forward to providing the next generation of healthcare professionals with the network and resources necessary to ensure that Canada’s healthcare system continues to evolve and move in the right direction. Hassaan completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan followed by a Master of Management of Innovation from the University of Toronto.

    Ramanja Pakirathan

    VP Marketing - MBA

    Ramanja is currently pursuing her MBA degree at the DeGroote School of Business. She previously completed her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Toronto and had the opportunity to work at different healthcare organizations throughout the last few years. Ramanja is passionate about fostering collaboration within the healthcare system and finding innovative ways to enhance the patient experience. In her role as VP Marketing, Ramanja hopes to create a platform that promotes and encourages interprofessional collaboration within the healthcare community.

    Alice Guan

    VP Marketing - MBDC

    Alice is a Master’s of Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization candidate. She completed her undergraduate studies in Bachelor of Health Sciences, specializing in Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization at McMaster University. Through her internship at Celgene Canada, she developed and executed strategic and tactical plans for various hematological drugs, which enhanced the interprofessional engagement and pushed the boundary for patients. As VP Marketing, her goal is to foster an inclusive environment for healthcare professionals and students to communicate transparently and debate openly.

    Erika Siegert

    VP Programming - MBA

    Erika is a Bachelor of Science Graduate from Queen’s University, where she has found a passion for improving Canadian health care through collaboration between business leaders and interdisciplinary care providers. As a first year MBA student, it is her hope to develop the necessary skills to make meaningful changes to the healthcare industry to help eliminate complexities and confusing processes that inhibit care access. As one of the VPs of Programming, she looks forward to working with the DIHLC team to plan an engaging and motivating conference at DeGroote.

    Lisa Patterson-Stallwood

    VP Programming - Global Health

    Lisa is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Global Health with a focus on the global burden of disease. She completed her undergraduate degree at Western University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology. Through her master’s degree, she has become passionate and enthusiastic for inter-professional collaboration to improve Canadian health care. As one of the VPs of Programming, Lisa is very excited to work with the DIHLC team to bring together students and health care professionals to inspire change in our healthcare system.

    Ajanthiy Thayalan

    VP Sponsorship - MBA

    As a highly-approachable and solutions-driven individual, Ajanthiy is currently pursuing her MBA, driven to innovate in our evolving healthcare system. Combined with her undergraduate at the University of Toronto and her experiences in numerous project initiatives, she brings forth a perspective to healthcare decision-making from strategy, business and the most crucial – patient-centered aspect. As a VP of Sponsorship, not only is she tasked with securing our budget, but she hopes to enhance the way of thinking for attendees – inter-professional collaboration holds the very key to the solutions we yet to solve, improve or unlock in healthcare. With a growing expertise for artificial intelligence and digital health discussions, Ajanthiy will also be a voice for our current technological wave our industry is experiencing.

    Ashley Eom

    VP Sponsorship - Medicine

    Ashley is a second year medical student in the MD Class of 2020. She completed her undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Health Sciences from McMaster University. As a clinical clerk rotating through various placements, she has been able to experience firsthand about the true impact of inter-professional collaboration in providing safe and high-quality care. In her role as VP Sponsorship, she hopes to combine her passion for medical education, advocacy, and inter-professional care to bring the current and future leaders of healthcare together through DIHLC.

    Nithila Chandran

    VP Logistics - MBA

    Having done her Undergraduate degree in Health Sciences, Nithila has spent the majority of her academic and professional career within healthcare. Through her work experience, she realized her fascination in health go beyond the traditional healthcare viewpoint. She realized that in order to make a fundamental change in the existing flaws and gaps within the industry, she needed to take a step forward in a slightly different direction. This is why she is currently pursuing her MBA at the DeGroote School of Business. As VP-Logistics, Nithila hopes to use the DIHLC platform to encourage inter-professional collaboration within our healthcare system.

    Barbora Hrapkova

    VP Logistics - MBA

    Barbora is currently pursuing her MBA and is very keen to grow her career in healthcare. She previously completed a Life Sciences degree at Queen’s University and worked in marketing for a medical technology company. Last year she had the opportunity to manage a medical device that is used in hospitals throughout Canada, and loved the impact that her work had on patients. As one of the VPs of Logistics, Barbora hopes to make the conference seamless, so that delegates can focus on learning as much as possible from the experience. She is excited about the focus on inter-professional collaboration, as it will continue to play a integral role in shaping the future of our healthcare system.

    Allen Ng

    VP Finance - MBA

    Allen is a second year MBA student who is passionate about utilizing financial analytical tools to facilitate daily operations. He has completed his undergraduate studies with a focus in Biology at McMaster University and gained significant experience working in the research industry at Sick Kids Hospital prior. He hopes to facilitate the planning of DIHLC through his working experience in the healthcare industry and financial analysis experience. Allen is very excited in bringing healthcare professionals and students to share their visions in this ever-changing industry.

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  • 2018 Educational Partners

    Program for Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research

    PIPER exposure credits provided to all DIHLC 2018 attendees

    Canadian College of Health Leaders

    Attendance at this program entitles certified Canadian
    College of Health Leaders members (CHE / Fellow) to 4
    Category I credits
    toward their maintenance of certification

  • 2018 Sponsors

    DeGroote MBA Association, McMaster

    Silver Sponsor

    School of Medicine, McMaster

    Silver Sponsor

    Education Services, McMaster

    Silver Sponsor

    McMaster Medical Student Council, McMaster

    Silver Sponsor

    Michael G DeGroote Initiative for Innovation in Healthcare, McMaster

    Silver Sponsor

    Health Leadership Academy, McMaster

    Bronze Sponsor

    Program for Interprofessional Practice Education and Research (PIPER), McMaster

    Bronze Sponsor

    TD Bank

    Bronze Sponsor

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